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Someone’s using my trademark on Create Your Moment. What do I do?

If you think someone’s using your trademark in a way that’s likely to confuse readers, let us know and we will take appropriate action. This might include temporarily or permanently removing the content.

If someone’s using my trademark, in what scenarios would you not take it down?

– If they’re using it in a way not likely to confuse anyone about the source of a good/service.
– If they are making fair use of it. This is when someone uses a trademark to refer to a company or brand, not to indicate it is the source of a good or service. For example, if someone writes a story about Company X and in that story uses the phrase “Company X” to refer to “Company X,” that’s probably fair use. Even if “Company X” is your trademark. People are allowed to use your company or product name to write things, even negative things, about your company/product/brand. As long as they’re not confusing anyone about whether you authorized or endorse the post.

Create Your Moment Blogging Trademark Policy

To report a trademark violation on Create Your Moment Blogging, Please send an email regarding the violation to

People write about all kinds of things on Create Your Moment. Sometimes they reference companies or products. Sometimes they subtly (or not) promote brands. All fine by us. What Create Your Moment doesn’t allow is using someone else’s trademark in a way likely to confuse people.

A trademark can be lots of things, but usually it’s a word, phrase or design (like a company name, a product name, a slogan or a logo). It shows you that this good or service comes from one company as opposed to some other company.

When you publish on Create Your Moment Blogging, your post is immediately accessible and available to share with readers. There is no review, no approval, and no waiting.

Your post will appear in these places:

  • On your personal profile page: Every Create Your Moment Blogging user has a personal profile page with a unique URL that contains all your posts. You can share this profile page and your stories with your friends and on social media.
  • People can see the latest posts from Create Your Moment Blogging authors and publications they like.

Create Your Moment Blogging also recommends thousands of stories to readers across various surfaces — like the homepage, topic pages, emails, and various social media platforms — based on their interests. Create Your Moment Blogging uses both human curators and algorithmic distribution methods to share great stories with readers. All stories published on Create Your Moment Blogging are eligible for further distribution.

If one of your goals is for your story to be shared across Create Your Moment Bloggings network, concentrate on quality and ensure that your work meets our distribution standards.

Create Your Moment Blogging Mailing Lists

Create Your Moment Blogging users may receive a daily or weekly email, which contains a mix of recommended stories based on interests, likes, and reading history. Your story may appear by users who have liked your content by received email because they like your content and may also appear in the received email of people who don’t like your content via Create Your Moment Bloggings recommendation algorithm.

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