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Blogging Distribution Standards -
What Writers and Publications Need to Know

Create Your Moment Blogging is an open platform where anyone is welcome to create, publish, and share their stories. All stories published on Create Your Moment Blogging have their unique URL which you can be shared with your friends and family, and all stories on Create Your Moment Blogging are distributed to a writer’s (or publication’s) likers. Create Your Moment Bloggings editorial teams regularly review stories published on the platform, selecting those that meet our distribution standards and exhibit a high level of quality for additional distribution in Create Your Moment Bloggings emails, apps, homepage, etc…

Read further in order to learn more about how we evaluate story quality and our specific distribution policies and standards. You can find more about Create Your Moment Bloggings Distribution System here.

What Quality are We Looking For?

Create Your Moment Blogging values quality content — fresh ideas, unique perspectives, varied voices, smart thinking — and we believe readers do too. Here are the elements our editorial teams consider in evaluating story quality:

  • Does the story meet a high editorial standard? – Is it well-written, easy to follow, free of errors, appropriately sourced, narratively strong, and compelling?
  • Does it add value for the reader? – Does it share new insights or perspectives? Offer an original take on a familiar issue? Does it stir emotions and/or thinking? Provide meaningful advice? Enrich a reader’s understanding of the topic? Does it feel like time well spent?
  • Is it written for the reader? – Is the story written with the reader in mind? Does the story make a connection with the reader or to a larger issue?
  • Is it complete? – Is it a finished, polished piece of work? Considered? Concise? Will a reader walk away satisfied?
  • Is it rigorous? – Are claims supported? Sources cited alongside stated facts? Does the story hold up to scrutiny?
  • Is it honest? – Is the story written in good faith? Is it truthful?
  • Does it offer a good reading experience? – Is it properly formatted for the web/mobile? Does it have a clear and relevant headline that lets the reader know what the story is about? An easily readable story body — paragraphs/spacing/styling/section breaks/quotes?
  • Is it free of typos and errors? 
  • Is the imagery appropriate? Is the imagery relevant and appropriate to the story?


Distribution disqualifications

Stories that contain any of the disqualifications below will not be considered for additional distribution.

Content that violates Create Your Moment Bloggings Rules including:

– Plagiarism or “borrowing” content without citation
Duplicate content
– Non-compliant embeds (embeds that collect user information must do it off-site)
– Stories that promote intolerance or prejudice against individuals or groups, including the use of scientific or pseudoscientific claims to pathologize, dehumanize, or disempower others
– Stories that glorify, celebrate, downplay, or trivialize violence, suffering, abuse, or deaths
– Stories that exist mainly to target, shame, intimidate, or harass identified, identifiable, or anonymous people
– Nudity that is not content-supportive; it must be appropriate and tasteful to the story and is not allowed in the feature image
– Violent, graphic, or offensive images or videos
– Promotion of self-harm, suicide, or eating disorders
– Unsubstantiated accusations of illegal or unethical behavior
– Including personal or private information without permission (includes personal communications)


We want readers to feel their time on Create Your Moment Blogging is well spent and are taking a careful look at stories designed to drive views over value. We believe clickbait does a disservice to readers and writers and undermines Create Your Moment Bloggings overall ideology of spreading new ideas, deepening understanding of the world, and supporting nuance, complexity, and vital storytelling.

We’ve compiled a small list of four questions for writers and editors to use to evaluate and identify most clickbait formulas. If any of these questions can be answered with a “yes,” the story is likely clickbait and will not be considered for additional distribution:
– Is the title trying to exploit a reader’s personal worries, insecurities, or emotional state
– Is the title or story image more provocative than the content of the story merits?
– Is the title over-reaching or over-promising with claims or absolutes that are not verifiable
– Is the title withholding important context; misleading the reader; or using cliches, gimmicks, or cheap language?

You must ensure that the reader knows what they are clicking. The heading of the post must be related to the post itself.

You can read more regarding tips and tricks for writing great headlines.

Disqualifying story types

– No meta – no stories written about Create Your Moment Blogging
– Non-English stories (we can only review English stories at this time)
– Inflammatory business reviews

Disqualifying story elements

– Links in headlines
– Clipped stories — stories that are only partially on Create Your Moment Blogging and continue on another site
– Copyrighted images – Writers/pubs should use images they have the rights for and cite their sources. 


– In the story body, all calls-to-action combined are not to exceed 40% of the total story length. This includes crowdfunding links, social links, inline writer bios, links to other stories, allowed first-person promotion, publication promos — everything that’s not the story. Writers are free to promote themselves and/or affiliate products or services. Writers are free to use their bio and profile as they wish.

The statements, views, and opinions contained in curated stories are those of the authors and are not endorsed by, nor do they necessarily reflect the opinions of, Create Your Moment Blogging or its employees.

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